Welcome from Moodnudges
Here are things people sometimes do to "help" if someone is feeling down. For each, please say whether it is something you don't want, or actually something you do like or need. Thank you.
Tell me to cheer up

Tell me to get over it, or snap out of it

Ask me what's wrong

Have unrealistic expectations of what I can do

Tell me "everyone feels low sometimes"

Ask me if I know the cause of my low mood

Ignore me, or change the subject, when I talk about how I feel

Get angry or affronted if I say I'm not up for socializing

Make sad faces at me

Hug me without asking if that's OK with me

Ask me repeatedly if, and how, I need help

Overwhelm me with more love and concern than I can handle

Be over-keen to discuss my problems in great detail

Ignore me, and treat me as if I was invisible

Rush me to do things and make decisions

Make me feel I have to explain myself

Tell me that you know what will help me

Pressure me to keep going, and tell me I shouldn't let it get to me

Lecture me self-righteously

Ask me why I'm low when I've so much to be grateful for

Tell me there are plenty of people worse off than me

Pressurize me to do things, such as socializing, that I don't feel like doing

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